PINOPRIDE Solar Charger Power Bank 15000mAh Smart Portable Battery with Waterproof Sunlight Panel, Fast USB Adapter for Mobile Charge Outlet Phone and Powered Devices Cells  as Iphone, Ipad, Android

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PINOPRIDE  Solar Charger Power Bank

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PINOPRIDE Solar Charger Power Bank:

  • Solar Charger Function; equipped with a compact smart monocrystalline waterproof panel, which could charge the battery itself via sunlight for emergency purpose, perfect for outdoor, long flights, road trips
  • Highest Charge Output through 3 USB Ports 5V/2.1A, 1 x Input 5V/1.5A; allows for simultaneous fast charging of your iPad, iPhone, android, and more at high speed
  • Portable Power Bank; weeklong high capacity15000mAh; smart charger for phones: charge your iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 6s, Galaxy S7, an iPad, camera or bluetooth, more times
  • Safety Protection and Automatic Identification; ultra reliable battery cell to provide excellent charging service over 800 charge life cycles and to avoid over-current, over-voltage, over-load, etc
  • Satisfaction Guarantee; 1 year free replacement warranty with ifetime manufacture technical support for purchase via PINOPRIDE brand.



  •  The energy transformation from solar to electricity is rather slow, Solar Charging is only recommended for EMERGENCY use, please DO NOT take it as primary power resource.
    For daily use, please use provided to charge the power bank via wall outlet. Solar Charging effect will be subject to sunlight intensity and local weather.  You can charge your phone minimum 4-7 times. It depends what kind of battery you will charging.
  • For your safety, please DO NOT leave the power bank charging in car in case of high temperature and avoid crashing, which may cause potential hazards. High temperature in car may damage it.
  • In order to fully activate the battery, please charge it via outlet or computer for min 10 hours at least at the first uses.


Feature and Benefits:

  • Power Bank Huge Capacity 15,000 mAh rechargeable Li battery, suitable for most of digital devices, equipped with solar panel, which could recharge the battery itself under sunshine for EMERGENCY purpose while outdoor.
  • Power Generator of Green Energy; make your travel confortable with fast usb emergency mobile power and aslo in camping
  • 100% customer service satisfaction, lifetime technical support and product warranty
  • Smart monocrystalline waterproof panel capacity 2,1W/m2. Sunlight panel made free for you.
  • Portable battery for phone cell; Tree OUTPUT; 3 x USB port 5V/2.1A for iPhon, Ipad/Tablets, android and other digital devices 4 LED indicators to show power status.
  • Automatic identification and security protections system to provide excellent charging service when charging more devices simultaneously and to avoid over-load
  • Night and warning lamp 2.1W. You must push two time botton on the side of the bank.



  1. Battery Type: 18650
  2. Capacity: 15000mAh
  3. Input: 5V/1,5A
  4. Output: 5V/3X2.1A
  5. Daylight lamp/Warning lamp: 2.1 W
  6. Product Dimension: 150x74x26 mm
  7. Pcking dimension: 170x95x26 mm
  8. Product Weight: 400 g
  9. AC in charging time: about 10-12 hours
  10. DC out charging time: about 5-7 time, depends on type of user
  11. Product with CE FCC RoHS MSDS certification.


Packing include:

  1. 1 solar charger power bank
  2. 1 leather belt
  3. 1 USB cable for charging
  4. Instructions for use


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